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Sacramento Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Helping Victims Of Bicycle Accidents

If you or a loved one was injured in a bicycle accident, you need an experienced Sacramento bicycle injury attorney on your side. Proving fault in bike accidents is challenging with unclear liability factors involving crosswalks and bike paths.

At Phoong Law Corp our experience includes handling complicated bicycle legal cases and fighting for victims of cycling accidents.

Bicycle Collisions in Sacramento County

According to the most recent data from Safe Transportation Research and Education Center there were 547 bicycle accidents in Sacramento County last year with 12% resulting in death or severe injury.

Of the 547 collisions with a bicycle, 41% suffered visible injuries and 46% complained of pain.

The evidence is clear that if you’re involved in a bike accident, some kind of physical injury or pain is unfortunately a near certainty. 

The most common type of collision with a bicycle is a broadside accident. Although, the number of incidents with bikes is trending downward slightly over the last three years, broadside accidents of bicycles are consistently the top type of collision in Sacramento County.

Obviously, a person on a bicycle is no match for a automobile or truck. A cyclist is unprotected and sometimes unaware that a vehicle is bearing down on them which leaves them open to severe injury requiring medical attention and property damage or loss. 

You deserve medical attention and a fair settlement of your insurance claim to cover medical expenses and other losses. If this sounds all too familiar, what should you do? 

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Contact our Sacramento bicycle specialist attorneys to schedule a free consultation regarding your claim. We understand what you’re going through and have worked on many similar cases with winning results. We’ll answer all your questions, provide legal guidance and fully explain your options.

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