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Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Protecting Your Interests

motorcycle accident can happen when you least expect it and can cause serious damage as a result. When involved in an accident on a motorcycle, don’t take chances with your health, well-being, and dignity.

Recent Motorcycle Accidents Statistics

The current data is out and last year there were 545 victims of motorcycle accidents in Sacramento County.  Over 28% of those involved either death or serious injury.

Of the 545 victims, 40% suffered minor injuries and 31% reported possible injuries according to the Safe Transportation Research and Education Center in California. Not surprisingly, the number of motorcycle accident victims by gender were 84% male and 14% female. 

Similar to bicycle accidents, the most common type of motorcycle collision is a broadside accident comprising 27% of all collision types. The next most common is being rear ended at 21%.

The stats are sobering because if you were involved in a motorcycle wreck, in Sacramento County, you are very likely to have been moderately to severely injured resulting in high medical expenses and costly property damages.

Because motorcycle rider are not physically protected, victims many times have bruises, fractures and lacerations that may cause them to miss work or a loss of work all together.

What is your best course of action if you’re in this type of situation?

Talk To A Lawyer Before Your Insurance Company

Phoong Law Corp will take care of what is most important to you. We know how to handle your motorcycle accident case quickly, with skill and expertise to get your back on your feet.

We will fight for the compensation you deserve for your motorcycle injuries, and our experienced injury lawyers will go to work for you immediately.

Recovering After Motorcycle Accidents

Contact our law office in Sacramento to discuss your accident with an experienced Sacramento motorcycle attorney. Schedule a free consultation by calling us toll-free or emailing us now so you can focus on your recovery.

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