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Sacramento Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Aggressively Fighting For Pedestrians

Injuries sustained in a pedestrian vs. vehicle accident are often catastrophic. In fact, according to OTS (California Office of Traffic Safety) pedestrian fatalities increased 5.9% percent from 819 in 2015 to 867 in 2016 [1].

The data we have for pedestrian incidents comes exclusively from police reports. Some researchers believe police collision reports have limitations and do not account for all crashes that occured on our roads. Specifically, this data excludes crash data that happened on non-roadway locations, like parking lots, driveways and sidewalks [2]. 

Therefore the numbers of pedestrian fatalities and severe injuries is much higher than reported.

Closer to home, in Sacramento County, the most current data we have from 2018 shows we had 531 pedestrian collisions. Of those, 30% were fatal or involved severe injury.  31% exhibited visible injury and 38% complained of pain as reported by SafeTrec.

What is the most common type of pedestrian accident? By far the number one type of pedestrian collision is with a vehicle. 87% of collisions are between a car or truck and a pedestrian. There’s no other type of collision that comes close. The next nearest type of pedestrian accident is broadside at 3%. 

The statistics tell us that a pedestrian is more likely to be seriously injured when involved in this type of accident. 

So, what can you do about it?

There are community pedestrian training programs that teach pedestrian safety. One such program is California Walks which works with local residents and safety advocates to develop a community-driven action plan to improve walking safety in their communities. If you’re interested please get involved.

What do you do if you’ve already been injured?

The impact of a car itself and the impact on the ground afterwards can lead to severe trauma to the head, neck, and spine that leave lasting effects. This results in extensive medical bills and also lost days of work during rehabilitation.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, you need to hire a Sacramento pedestrian accident attorney who understands your unique situation and will fight the insurance companies for you and take them to trial if need be. Phoong Law Corp has the knowledge, experience, and resources to get you the best results possible.

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