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San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer

Typically the average person will make it through their day without having any harmful experiences that result in personal injury. However, every now and then an accident can occur which could lead to severe personal injuries.  This can result in significant financial losses related to healthcare or property damage. Monetary losses can occur through having to pay out-of-pocket for unreimbursed medical bills, time off of work or loss of work altogether, and even just general mental hardship.

Calculated Damages

Your San Francisco area injury lawyers will provide you with a fare calculation of what your actual losses will be. We will factor in your medical expenses, legal costs, lost compensation, and general hardship to determine what the actual damages for a potential legal settlement would be.

SF Trial Lawyers

If the case cannot be handled through the settlement process, our San Francisco personal injury lawyers will proceed with a courtroom litigation.

This will include organizing a case, presenting it in the courtroom, and handling the deliberations. Our legal group at Phoong Law Corp are experienced and knowledgeable about the San Francisco, California legal system to ensure we handle everything in accordance with the law to your advantage.

Accident Investigation & Cause of Injury

If you have suffered a personal injury and feel that someone may have been neglectful, it would be wise to hire an experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyer. A personal injury attorney who can provide you with sound of legal assistance.

A majority of cases will result in a settlement out of court. Our accident attorney will handle all aspects of the settlement including filing a lawsuit negotiating with the opposing party and handling conversations with the insurance companies. This will help to minimize any time or stress that you need to spend with the legal process.

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